Thursday, February 23, 2012

....And the tags are STILL here

Today is Feb 23rd, 2012 -
I figured it was time for another update, since it's been a little while.

I still have my tags & I'm continuously searching for information about removal & the success rate & the risks / recovery times. So far I haven't run across any new breakthroughs.... but alas, I continue to look.
I even started checking out medical/clinical research trials to see if I could find anything to volunteer for. (No luck with that either.) It's almost as if this particular subject / condition is too taboo in the medical world, and nobody wants to mention it. (Or it's just completely overlooked & not being paid attention to.)

On another note-
I would REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like to chat/email directly with the girl (Anonymous from Oct 18, 2011) who left the comment on my blog!!!

Believe me, I can sympathize and empathize with you.
I'm also quite attractive, (barring the collection of growing fleshy skin on my keister... LOL! )
I've always gotten lots of attention from women.... whistles, flirts, heads turning, phone numbers.... etc. Although; I never paid any mind to it. Because, (until recently) I've been married the whole time since the first tag appeared, so it was never an issue for me to be nervous about someone new seeing them.

Butt, (pun definitely intended) now that I'm newly single, this IS a bit of a concern of mine.
I mean, I can just imagine the shriek of horror that may echo throughout the room, upon their first peek at my grotesque disfigurement. :-0

So, to my "Anonymous" mystery friend: (From Oct 18, 2011)
If you follow my blog, or even just happen to come back and you notice this post, please gimme a shout!

I'm not exactly sure where you're from, but I have a general idea based on a couple phrases you used.
I'd love to talk to you & see how you've been dealing with the anxiety of "wondering what someone new might think". Not only that, but I'd be up for trading some face pics with you, and getting to know you personally, as a friend.

And who knows?; If we're both single & ever get a chance to meet, we may discover something even more special.......

I mean after all, stranger things have happened!


Thursday, May 10, 2007

I really hate my anal skin tags!!

I'm just a normal, regular, everyday guy; 36 yrs old. BUT, (no pun intended) I have to deal with "ANAL SKIN TAGS"! What are they? Well, they are similar to hemorrhoids, but aren't exactly the same thing. They are flaps of skin that protrude, or hang from my rectum. They're just an inconvenience, & embarrassing for the most part. They don't hurt, or cause a whole lot of discomfort, (other than emotional). I HATE THEM!! I have had them for about 10 -12 years now. Although it started out as just one small one, I have aquired a few more, which have grown over the years. I want to have them removed, and have been researching info on the net. However, I can't find a whole lot of stuff about them. Sure, I can find PLENTY of articles, & pages on "hemorrhoids", and "fissures", and "cancer"..... but not much on MY condition, "ANAL SKIN TAGS".
I took these photos for medical documentation, & educational purposes.
These are actual pictures of MY anal skin tags. These are completely untouched photos, other than cropping the images to fit better in a webpage.
I know I'm not the only one with this condition, but I AM the only one I know.
Wish me luck in finding information on removal procedures.